Saturday, June 9, 2012

Excellent Week in Sterling!

Like it says up top, it has been an excellent week here in Sterling! We had probably a record number of lessons for the area in quite some time and found 3 new people to teach! All around way cool haha. We had quite an adventure getting to the library today though haha. We were on our way over when we saw a guy parked on the side of the main road here (Sterling Blvd, very busy street) with his hazards on, so we stopped to see if he needed any help with anything and he said his car had just ran out of gas. So we pushed his car up the street a bit and down onto a side street so he was out of traffic and offered to run and grab him some gas from the gas station, but he didn't have a gas can haha. So we hopped on the bikes and ran to a nearby member's home to grab an empty gas can that she had, that it turns out didn't have a lid, and then my chain came off on the way back haha. So no big deal got that put back on and we kept going to the gas station. Well we got the gas can filled up all nice and strapped it to Elder MCGoffin's backpack (still no lid) and headed back. We got about 1/4 mile back up the road though and about simultaneously he has gas all over his back all of a sudden and my bike's back tire makes an explosion sound of some sort and comes to a stop. Turns out my rear gear changer totally snapped off and got caught in the spokes. So my bike was pretty much just done at that point. So with my bike broke and Elder McGoffin smelling like gasoline we walked back to the guys car and got it filled up enough to start haha. The awesome part about the story though is that we were able to talk to the guy about the church and he asked us lots of good questions. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and a card with our number so he could call us and asked if we could come over and teach him more sometime, he said no haha, but still he said he would read from the Book and pray about it, which is awesome! So that made it worth it for sure. He probably won't go home read the whole book and want to join the church next week or anything, but I believe we planted a seed. So that someday when the missionaries knock on his door he'll remember talking with us today and then maybe he'll let them in. But that did take away from quite a bit of our email time today :/ so that's about all I have time to write today haha. But I love and miss you all and hope that all is well wherever you are!

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