Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sorry for the late email 5/30/12

Well I wasn't expecting it at all... but here I am in Sterling for another 6 weeks! Haha. Which I am pretty pumped about. The bigger surprise though is that the reason I stayed here is so that I could train again! So here I am with my new companion fresh from the MTC Elder McGoffin! Elder Anderson is just right across our border in Herndon now with a new companion who I don't know, but I'm sure he will do great there. So actually odds are I'll be here for another 12 weeks to stay with Elder McGoffin during training haha. Even if I only stay in Sterling for the next 6 weeks though I will have been here for 6 months now! an entire fourth of my mission haha. EMG (Elder Mcgoffin) is a great guy though. He is from Loreno Texas and about 10 months ago his family moved there from Springfield Virginia. Which is in the mission haha. So that's pretty cool. He might even end up serving in his home ward at some point! So far we have been blessed with some really good success though. We have been knocking on doors like crazy! We knocked for probably about 3 hours straight on Tuesday haha. Which reminds me, the reason this email is so late is because we had our P-day moved so that we could be out finding people while everyone is home for memorial day weekend. Which turned out awesome because we found a new investigator Monday evening and we are going back to have another lesson with him on Saturday! Plus on Tuesday we had a very spirit filled lesson with a girl that we have been teaching for awhile now, about the restoration of the Gospel, and at the end of it we asked her if she would like to be baptised and she said yes! But she doesn't feel ready yet, she feels like she needs to correct her life a little and learn more before she becomes a member, so we set a goal with her of a date that we would help her to be prepared by so that she could have a goal in mind and the day we are shooting for is June 30th! So that was way exciting! It had been a really long time we had met with her and we thought for sure that she just wasn't interested any more but thanks to the spirit she felt during the lesson she has decided that she wants to do whatever she can to be closer to God! Way sweet! Well that's about it for this week. More in just a few days on Monday! It sounds like everything is going great back home. I am way jealous of those in the Virgin Islands right now! It looks so nice there, and here it's just way sticky hot and humid! Well I love and miss you all.

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