Monday, June 11, 2012

Service Service and More Service!

Well it was a great week for service! And a hot one too haha. We had unplanned acts of service come up almost every day this week though. Saturday alone we did just a little over 12 hours of service divided amongst 3 different people haha. It was a very rare occasion. We are "called to serve" though so I imagine that is just as much a fulfillment of our purpose as teaching lessons. Kind of a bummer though because to the mission president and the other missionaries it just looks like we didn't do anything all week because we reported very few lessons taught to them for the week and the mission doesn't track service hours so it just looks like we took the week off :/ when in reality it was one of our most strenuous weeks yet. My bike is fixed though! Good old CTR bikes said it wasn't covered on warranty though, but the part was only $25 so it wasn't a very big deal. It turns out that thing is called a derailer and is a pretty rare thing to brake without biking on some pretty hardcore mountains, but somehow it still broke off haha. We were able to get it put on incorrectly pretty easily, but to get it to work the way it's supposed to we had to run it over to a members house and have him fix it for us haha. It's all back up and running now though! The definite highlight of our week for sure though is that we had a family we are teaching come to church for the first time! Which was awesome! Unfortunately we were surrounded by crying babies where we were sitting though and it was a special sacrament meeting in commemoration of modern day prophets, which normally is a really cool thing, but for their first time going to church they both said afterwards that they felt we put too much focus on worshipping the prophets instead of God :/ that and they heard somewhere that we fast every Sunday so they were starving by the end of sacrament meeting and needed to go home to eat something :/ But after we explained that: we just ended up in a bad spot and there's usually not that many crying babies, that it was a unique sacrament meeting and usually we put our main focus on God, and we only fast once a month instead of every Sunday; they said they would be willing to give it another shot and stay for all three hours next time around haha. On the plus side though the ward did an excellent job of coming up and introducing themselves! They had a few people talk to them about maybe setting up a time to have dinner together with them and the people sitting in front of us turned out to be people that they had met before because they were neighbors to their Uncle! So all those things were very nice haha. Hopefully nice enough that looking back on it they will see it as a good experience and recognize the special spirit felt there. Well that's about all for this week! I hope all is well with everyone back home or wherever you all are!

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