Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Great but busy week in Quantico 5/6

Man has it been busy as always! But an excellent week none the less, I've decided that life as a missionary is always busy so it's better to just be used to it haha. As busy as this past week was though this upcoming week will be even more busy! Tonight is the baptismal interview for the Giacomini's then we have a zone training tomorrow that we have to teach at for awhile, then Wednesday will be interviews with each of the missionaries in the zone (so we'll be at the church all day with president haha) then Thursday-Friday we will be on exchanges with missionaries in another ward, Saturday will be the Giacomini's baptism which I am so stoked for, then Sunday is mother's day and we get to skype home! Plus we will be doing missionary work all around that haha. Man that sounds lots busier than I thought it was going to be now that I type it out. This past week was great though! We had a couple of great lessons with the people we are teaching and had some great exchanges with some members. A few of the people we have been teaching we have been making more of an effort of being in daily contact with this past week and man it has gone great! we have been over at one lady we are teaching's house for the past 5 nights in a row, just for 15 minutes, to read a chapter in the book of Mormon and she has been loving it! It's been a good opportunity for Elder Rasmussen and I to read it from the beginning again as well. Surprisingly enough we hardly get to read the beginning with people because they always have questions about specific things that they read specific chapters about, so it's been very nice to read it from the start again with someone to give us a non-members perspective on the whole thing. Sunday was definitely the best day of the past week for us though! We had lots of people at church, including Nicole and Lorenzo (the Giacomini's) and Nicole got up and bore her testimony! It was so sweet! They are such a cool family, I can't wait for their baptism this weekend! We also got to teach the young men in the third hour of church about "Prophet's and Revelation" a very fun topic to teach about because it's something that hardly any other denomination besides our own has the same view on. So we taught them all about it and then turned them lose on practicing teaching it in a role-play type scenario where we had our Bishop play the part of a non-member who had questions about why the Church in the Bible was so different than the churches on the earth today, the perfect opportunity for these young men to teach someone about Prophets and revelation! They did a great job haha. Well I'm getting close to being out of time here so I've got to get running! I will talk to you all next week though and I will see a few of you this Sunday! I hope each of you have a great week! I love and miss all of you guys!

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