Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teaching the Restoration

From an email sent to mom:
..........That'll be fun having the missionaries over for dinner and restoration! You'll have to tell me how they teach it. We really like using the pamphlets the church provides. The Sunday before last we taught the Young Men and after we talked with them and discussed the lesson for like 45 minutes. I asked them how fast they though it could be taught. They said 10 minutes at the fastest, some of the leaders guessed 5 but we bet them I could teach it in under a minute haha. Of course they said no way. So I used the pamphlet and had someone roleplay me knocking on their door while someone else timed us on the watch, and wouldn't you know it they accepted the invitiation to pray after I got through the whole thing at 59 seconds! They were blown away haha it was sweet! I just used the pictures on each page of the pamphlet to explain each one of the points of the restoration lesson briefly, it makes a great door approach :)

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