Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Busy Week Here! 4/15/13

It's been another busy week here in Quantico but that is always a good problem to have as a missionary. Busy-ness is welcomed haha. We had two more of the people we are teaching commit to a date for baptism this past week, so that was awesome! They are working towards May 4th as a goal as a couple. We can't wait! We had a zone training on Tuesday with the missionaries in the Stake that really seemed to go well, those always make for some busy prep work though haha. Then Wednesday we had a doctors appointment for Elder Rasmussen to get some blood work done, he might have Limes disease :/ so we're really hoping and praying that nothing comes from that. Also we were able to go on exchanges with some Elders this past week that went really well too. The Elder I was with was from Norway, so it was really cool to get to talk to him about his home country, such a different place than here! It sounds like a way sweet country though, I'd love to go visit there someday. We had some really good lessons this last week though with each of the people we are teaching. We were really glad we still got to get some good teaching in despite being so busy haha teaching is always stressful but at the same time very refreshing because you get to see the Gospel bring happiness to the people. We had dinner at a members home with the family preparing for baptism this month that we really great as well. Their names are Lorenzo and Nicole and they are working on being baptized on April 27th. They are such a cool family! Nicole is the one who has been inspiring all of Elder Rasmussen's healthy eating haha, she is ready as can be to join the church, she wants to be baptized so bad! We are just helping her husband find his answer that what we've been teaching is true too. He's not opposed by any means, he just doesn't have the same conviction she does for the Gospel quite yet. We are going golfing on the Quantico Marine Base golf course today with a guy in our ward, that'll be sweet! Golfing 3 P-days in a row, I love this area! We also got word from a guy in our ward yesterday that he talked to the manager of a local course and worked it out to where we can play the course for free from now on since we are missionaries, how cool is that?! So we're going to get some good P-day golfing in haha. Also today we are having a Zone BBQ with all the missionaries in the stake at a national forest in our area. It's going to be a great day! Transfers are this week and Elder Rasmussen and I are really hoping we stay together, we get along great and are making a great team so far. Well I hope you are all having a great week wherever you are!  I love and miss all of you! Talk to you next week!

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