Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What A Week! 4/29/13

It has been quite a week here in Quantico! We had some really good lessons with a lot of the people we are teaching and found some sweet new people to teach! We also got our car towed haha, that was a bummer. We woke up Friday morning and our car wasn't in front of the apartment and the front office told us it got towed for not having a parking permit. We didn't know we needed one haha but it turns out when we switched the area from having a minivan to a car, the parking permit that comes with the apartment was left on the van's window and we can't get another one from the front office... so we are in the process of retrieving the pass off the old van haha. Luckily since it wasn't our fault the mission office reimbursed us for the towing bill, usually the missionaries just have to pay for it haha. Later that Friday though we were driving back from an appointment and stopped at a red light and sure enough we got rear ended! Same day the car got towed! Both of us were just fine, but our car's bumper is messed up pretty bad so it's going to be back to the mechanic this week! We're not looking forward to that at all haha. It still ended up being a great night though. We met a woman named Dabrika and started teaching her and she wants us to come back this week! So that'll be sweet for sure. Also Lorenzo and Nicole are super excited for their baptism on the 11th, that is going to be awesome! They have decided that they want me to baptize Nicole and Elder Rasmussen is going to baptize Lorenzo, we are honored and can't wait! We are going golfing again today with Lorenzo and a friend of his from the ward at 3 o clock. This is the best ward ever! Awesome people to teach and golf, what more could I ever ask for? Haha. It's a little rainy today but that won't phase us, the 4 of us love to golf! We had a family that was planning on coming to church this weekend for the first time but then last minute the wife got diagnosed with an early case of lymes disease, such a bummer! She got a tick bite during the week that ended up causing it but they caught it super fast so she is going to be alright. Lymes is dangerous though, if you leave it untreated for very long at all it can take years to recover. In those cases it usually causes some permanent joint damage too, scary stuff. So she is down and out on antibiotics for a bit but they want to come to church so bad! So they are going to try and make it this next week instead haha. Hopefully they can! The husband of the family is taking us shopping on base tonight at the comisary and marine exchange which are super cheap stores reserved for people with military ID, we are stoked! We are going to save a ton of money haha. Well that's about it for this past week, it's been a good one as always! I hope that you are all having a great week as well and I will talk to you next week! Love and miss you all!

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