Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Awesome Week in Quantico 4/8/13

Well it sure was an awesome week here in Quantico! Conference this weekend was great and we got to go on some good exchanges with missionaries in the zone this past week as well. Watching conference with each of the people we are teaching this past weekend was definitely the highlight for sure! We had another husband and wife decide that they would like to get baptized! Also the family that had gotten their answer last week has set a date of 4/27 as a goal to have their family baptized on :) I can't wait! They are such an awesome family! We were able to have some really good time with them this weekend in between the sessions of conference answering questions and helping them to be ready and living the Gospel standards. We were planning on going golfing with the husband and a guy in our ward today but they ended up not being able to go, so Elder Rasmussen and I went and golfed again on our own, it was awesome haha. Unfortunately we got even worse since last time haha but it was still a lot of fun! So the story of that husband and wife that decided that they would like to be baptized was pretty cool, we were watching conference with them Sunday morning and afterwards we were just talking to them about everything that we had been teaching them, and the book of moron, and conference and how they had been feeling about everything and the wife just asked "So do we have to read the whole book of Mormon to know that it's true?" and we were like no it all just depends on when you get your answer from God, sometimes it takes 1 verse sometimes it takes the whole book. Her response to that was "Oh okay cool because I have already prayed about it and I got an answer that it was true, so I'd like to become a member" We both were shocked! How cool is that? This was only our second time meeting with them, they had met with missionaries in a different ward for a long time but baptism was just never really talked with them I guess. So as soon as we brought it up and invited them they were ready to go! It was sweet! Such a cool couple! We are going to try and go out to lunch with them and the other family that just got their answer this upcoming week so they can all talk together, it should be awesome! The messages of conference were great as always though! It was crazy to think that this will be my last General conference that I get to see in the mission field. My Mission has flown by so fast! The Priesthood session was definitely my favorite one. The talks by the first presidency were all phenomenal! They were very motivating and exactly what the guy that we are teaching who was sitting next to us needed to hear. It was super cool! Well that's about it for the week! I am so drained from golfing! My clubs are super ghetto so my hands are very sore from the grips haha. It was fun nevertheless though! I hope you have all had a great week wherever you are! I love and miss all of you guys!

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