Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Awesome Easter Week in Quantico 4/1/13

It has been a great week here in Quantico! We have had a lot of great lessons and have had some awesome success working with the members of the ward here. I got to be a missionaro de espanol this past Tuesday with my past companion Elder McGoffin who is now a Spanish Elder, that was cool, I got to practice a little bit of my Spanish, it's too bad I almost failed that class haha. We got to go on exchanges with our Stake President Wednesday night, which was very sweet, we got to take him with us to a few lessons and we were glad to have him. We have a really missionary oriented Stake here, it's awesome! We had an incredible Easter Miracle though! We had a family that we've been teaching got awhile come to church for the 2nd Sunday in a row, which was cool. The Mom has been investigating the Church for over 20 years now and has told us many times that she just has a hard time believing all the things that Mormons believe and really can't accept that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. But on Sunday they seemed really happy to be there and just super-friendly talking to everyone, and in our Sunday school class she showed me a text on her phone that she had sent us the night before and we had never got saying that she had received her answer from God that this was the true Church of Jesus Christ and she wanted to talk to us as soon as possible to see what needs to happen so that her and her husband can be baptized! How awesome is that?! She ended up baring her testimony about her search for the truth during that same class. We went with their family to the Temple Visitors Center that evening and they are excited to be able to go get sealed together as a family someday as well. It was awesome! Her only concern now is that she wants her husband to be as pumped up as she is about the church and knowing that it's true before he joins because she doesn't want him to fall away later on. She has a very in depth understanding of the church but he doesn't know too much about the foundations of our beliefs so he wants to start by reading the Book of Mormon cover-to-cover and gaining a testimony that way. That really made for such an awesome Easter! We have been working so hard with them! They are such a sweet family! We are going to go golfing at a super high class country club next week with a guy in our ward and the Husband of the family this next Monday, it should be super sweet! So today Elder Rasmussen and I are heading to a golf course nearby to practice up a bit right after we finish emailing haha. I can't wait! I hope you all had an excellent Easter as well! That's about it for me from this week. I hope you all have a great week, and I love and miss all of you!

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