Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 27th email

Onyang-ha-seyo! That means hello in Korean haha. So far that's all I can speak but hopefully I learn some more! It's been a great week here in Centreville though. We found a few new people to teach, so that's good. Man has it been a tiring week though! They've changed how district meetings work here in our mission now so that the district leaders are supposed to teach for 2 hours straight! It used to be half was taken by the zone leaders to teach everyone in the zone and then the last hour was for the district leaders to just teach their district, but President said he wants to put more focus on the district leaders teaching the missionaries and the zone leaders more of just teaching the district leaders. Man it is tough to think of 2 hours worth of stuff to share though haha. But so far it seems to really have helped to make our district of missionaries more unified and helped us to know what we can do to help eachother out. So this keyboard is really junky by the way, I'm having to really press hard on each of these keys to get it to work haha, the good computers were already taken today :( so if I'm missing letters or anything like that, you know why haha. Also something that made this week a little tiring as well was we had to speak on Sunday! We had said to the Bishop that it could be good for us to speak one Sunday so that the ward could know who we are but man I didn't think he'd ask us so soon haha. I think it really helped the ward trust us though, we had a lot of people come up and ask us if we could come to their house for dinner sometime, that's always a good sign for a missionary haha. Our topic was a good one though, but hard to find material on. It was "The Doctrine of our Heavenly Father" which surprisingly enough is kinda hard to find scriptures on because most of them talk about Jesus Christ rather than God the Father. I found a good quote from Elder Holland though about how everything about Christ, everything that He did, everything that He said, and all the things we praise Him for are all given for the purpose of pointing us to who our Heavenly Father is, so that really helped. Then I just focused the rest of my talk on how much He loves us and how we need to do all that we can to show our love back to him. I'm glad that talk is out of the way though haha. This week we also broke our record for miles biked in a day too, which Elder Cluff wasn't too pumped about haha he hates that we don't have a car. But we rode 25 miles this past Saturday, it was sweet! I love being on bike! Well I hope that everyone had a great week wherever you are! Elder Cluff has a thing I can use to plug in my camera card to the computer and mail pictures so when he's done with it I'll send an email here in a minute to everyone with some pictures! Love and miss all of you!

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