Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Well another week has come and gone here in Centreville. This really is a great place, I hope I stay here awhile! We've gotten in lots and lots of biking this past week, here in this area we bike tons! We are averaging a little under 100 miles per week. This week has been full of member-work though. We have been getting to know everybody and trying out this new program that President Riggs has asked us to do. He's felt really inspired to ask us to do it too. The plan is that we go visit 10-15 members weekly in our area but only for about 10 or 15 minutes tops. We just see how they are doing and then ask "What revelation have you received for you, your family, friends or neighbors that we as missionaries could use to help you?" At least something along those lines, he wants us to always make sure we ask specifically for their own personal revelation though however we ask it. So at first I was thinking to myself, well it sounds good but I think people are really just going to be like, what the heck, and not give us anything haha. He said that might be the answer at first but the trick is, is if they say they haven't then we say "Alright that's okay, can you pray with your family this week and seek that revelation?" then we follow up on a weekly basis until they do it and get some revelation haha. To my surprise though, out of the 3 families that we asked this past week, all 3 had some sort of revelation that they had been thinking about that they were really glad we asked to share! All 3 were completely different answers too. The first family we asked, just the Dad was home, and he started to tear up a bit as soon as we asked, he said that he and his wife had been praying for awhile to find out how they can help their son stay on track to go on a mission someday, because it's something he's always wanted to do, and he felt like this was an answer to that prayer. So we'll be going on our first exchange with their son tomorrow night :) the second family said they didn't have anything yet, but that they would pray as a family about it. We came back yesterday to follow up, and they prayed and got an answer! They said they felt like they need to help their neighbor with his yard work this Saturday because he is always at work and never has time to get to it and they want us to come help. So we are doing that this upcoming Saturday. Then the third family immediately answered that they had lots of friends from work and neighbors that had either met with the missionaries before or that were interested in meeting with the missionaries now that we could go teach! So cool! So that's been quite a blessing. It's been very cool to see the Hand of the Lord working in the people's lives here. You can tell he really does love all of us. For labor day though we had a nice P-day and our computers in our complex were in use all day so that's why my email is coming a little late this week haha. We did get invited over for a labor-day BBQ though! It was awesome to have some fresh grilled burgers and dogs and to get to meet some of the people from the ward some more. So overall it's been a great week here! Like always I suppose haha. I hope everybody had a great labor day weekend wherever you are! I love and miss you guy lots!

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