Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautiful weather is finally here!

Well the weather here is finally starting to cool down! Hopefully for the rest of the year haha. It's down to clear skies and high 70's for the rest of the week at least. So sweet! We've been sweating like crazy in this humidity lately. By the time we get to some of our farther out appointments we've had sweat just dripping off our faces haha. Humidity is no good for a couple of desert rats like ourselves! So we are pretty stoked about the nice weather now. We did break our miles in a day record again though, two days in a row actually haha. This past Wednesday we went on an exchange with that young man in our ward I talked about in our last email. His name is Zack Gore and man he's an awesome guy. He's 17 and runs his own lawn cutting business where he drives around with a couple of lawn-mowers and a hedge trimmer and just offers to cut people's lawns for cheap, he does like 15 different houses weekly haha, and here's the crazy part, he does it all just so he can pay for all of his mission! He's already up to like $6000 so he should be able to make it for sure, how cool is that? Well we planned to contact a former investigator with him on like the way way far edge of our area with him so he could drive us there, but when we showed up at his house we found him out front on his bike in a white shirt and tie getting ready to be able to spend a day on the bikes with us haha. We told him how far the lady was but he said he wanted to do it, so 14 miles we biked with him through various business complexes and lots of roads with no sidewalks (major setback to the pedestrians of Virginia, there's only sidewalks on like half of the roads here) just to find out she wasn't home, of course we're used to that haha but we thought Zack might be kinds bummed, but to our surprise he was just as stoked for the ride home and wants to come with us again this week! Haha so that was our first record day we totaled 28.6 miles that day. Then the following day Elder Cluff and I made the trip back up to her, she was sick so we're going back this week, and then biked around a little more and beat the record again! We made it a solid 30.5 miles that day :) it was awesome! Elder Cluff doesn't think it's so awesome haha but I love it. This weekdays this week were awesome though, we found 3 new investigators in one day and had lessons almost every day. 2 of the 3 new investigators were actually found in a really miraculous way. We were just biking home one night and we got a call from an unknown number, it was a lady who said her name was Alejandra. She said we had given a blessing to her boyfriend in a hospital awhile back and she wanted to have us over for dinner, but she said she lived in Centreville (which evidently was really far from the hospital they were at) and she didn't know if that would be too far for us to be able to come over. Well luckily we just happen to live in Centreville :) so that was fine. Well we asked around to the sisters who were in the area for awhile before us and they said they didn't know anybody who was in the hospital recently that they would have visited and there was no one named Alejandra on the ward list, so she wasn't a member. So really we had no idea who this lady was but she wanted to have us over for dinner with her and her boyfriend so we accepted without questions haha. Well we show up and their power is out but they still invited us in and talked to us like we were old friends or something haha. But the boyfriend wasn't there, just this lady and her son and daughters who were all a bit older. So we still weren't sure who this guy was who they thought we had given a blessing to quite some time ago. Well about 10 minutes into dinner the boyfriend comes in and the craziest thing, it's this guy we had totally met just in passing like the first day we were here in the area. He had stopped us on our bikes and said that he might have a girlfriend that would be interested in learning more about the church, grabbed our number and a pass along card, and drove away. We hadn't heard from him since or really even thought about it haha. But here he was! So that made everything really start to make sense all of a sudden haha. It turns out the guy, his name is Rob, is a less-active member of the church who hadn't been to church in years, but was raised in Salt Lake and has a son on a mission in Colorado. We had a great dinner with them and afterwards shared with them the restoration of the Gospel out back with only the light the moon could give us because the power was still out on their whole street. They loved it and accepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon as well as come with us to church on Sunday. Which they did and loved it as well! It was an awesome experience for sure. Well this turned into a really long email haha, sorry about that. But it was a great week here! It has been quite a blessed one for sure! Well I hope everyone is having a great start to their week wherever you are! Everybody be sure to wish my Dad a happy birthday this Thursday! I love and miss all of you guys!

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