Saturday, September 29, 2012

I think fall is finally here- 9/17

Well like I said, it's felling like fall has finally come around! It's been 70's every day this past week! Perfect weather for riding around on the bikes, it's been great! Unfortunately it was a rough week for teaching lessons though. Just one of those weeks where EVERYBODY cancels! We had lots of lessons set up but when the time came around for us to go either they weren't home or cancelled on us, so bogus. That's missionary work for ya though haha, it's like 1 in 10 visits to someone that actually go through, I think that's why we put so many miles on the bikes haha. This week looks like it's lined up to be a good one though, we've got appointments lined up almost every night already and on some nights we've even got as many as 3 set up! So hopefully those all go through. We did have another great lesson with Alejandra this past week though, she wants to go with us up to the visitor's center at the Temple to watch the full length movie about Joseph Smith in one of the theater's there. She's also pretty pumped to see the big Christus statue there, it's not as big as the one in Salt Lake but it is still really awesome. One of the great highlights of this past week though was yesterday at church. I guess the big stake meeting for all of the Priesthood leadership in the stake was on Saturday and President Riggs was there as a speaker. Well he made sure that the whole meeting was centered around missionary work! He asked everybody there if they knew what OYM stood for first, which he later explained was an acronym for Open Your Mouth and share the gospel! He said it's not hard, you've just got to get out there and do it. He also shared a few experiences he's had from applying some principles from Elder L. Tom Perry's talk in this past General Conference. Mostly about that experience he shared about his friend Scott (if you want to get an idea of what I'm talking about it's literally only like the first 2 minutes of his talk here: ), President riggs said he's been giving those same two questions and answers a try with everybody he gets a chance to talk to. It's a real simple way of sharing the Gospel but I guess he said that one person has joined the church already just from him asking that! So the reason this whole meeting thing made our Sunday great was man did it light a major fire for the leaders in the ward to get on mission work! We had lots of people tell us that they could help us with whatever we need and a few tell us that they would come on an exchange with us one night, no matter what we were doing, one guy even said "I don't care if we have to just go knock on doors all night I'll still come with you guys" haha. The Bishop was especially fired up too, he just started flagging people down and giving them an assignment of how specifically to help us out in the upcoming week haha it was way cool! Well so far our P-day has been a good one too, we went fishing early this morning with a few other Elders that we were in the MTC with at a pond owned by a member in their area. It was so sweet! I finally got to go fishing again! We caught just a few small mouth and a bunch of bluegill but man it was a lot of fun. I've got a sweet little telescopic pole that a lady in Ft. Belvoir bought me last transfer from a garage sale for like a dollar haha. I want to look around at some thrift stores for a new reel for it though, right now it's one of those ones with the button on it and the bell all covered by that plastic cap, I can't stand those! It was still great though! Later on today a member of the ward is planning on taking us to Costco so we can buy some good food for cheap too, so it should be an awesome p-day! Well sorry that there wasn't a whole lot of cool experiences to share this week, I feel like this email really lacked interesting stuff haha, but hopefully this next week I should have some more great things to talk about! I hope everybody is enjoying their Monday! I know it's a hard day to enjoy haha but still hope it's a good one! I love and miss you guys!

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