Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Great and Rainy Week! 6/10/13

It was another great week here in Quantico but man was there rain and rain every day! Haha we had a tropical storm blow past us so we were just on the edge of all the drizzles. Just enough to make it hot and humid haha. We had some great lessons this week and we are getting pretty close to being done with all the "beginning of the transfer meetings" so we can just go back to normal missionary work almost every day! I can't wait haha. We got to do some really sweet service this past week for a lady and Nicole (the one who just got baptized a few weeks back). Nicole has been reading up on President Monson quite a bit lately and watching his biographies and stuff and it has inspired her to acts of "Secret Service" like President Monson does haha. So this past wednesday we had planned to go help a neighbor of hers take out some bushes and so we texted Nicole to see if then was a good time (we didn't have her neighbors number). Her response to that though was "Yea I think now should be fine but meet me and Lorenzo and the Kids over at home depot in about a half hour, I want to get her some stuff for the yard" haha so we went with them and she got 4 big bags of soil, 8 really nice flowers/bushes, and a small tree for this flower bed that her neighbor has out front that has sat empty for a really long time and weeds had mostly taken over it. So we went and cleaned up the weeds, filled it woith soil and replanted the new stuff. Man did it look awesome! Nicole said she didn't want to say anything to Sally though (her friend/neighbor) she just wanted us to leave a pass along mormon.org card in the soil and then leave before she got back home from work haha, it was sweet! She said Sally cried quite a bit when she got home, she has had some really tough times lately so it was really cool to be able to do something like that to cheer her up. I love being a missionary! We got pretty close to being skunked at church this past week though, always a bummer haha. Out of the 5 people who were planning on coming only 1 did haha. And she's kinda crazy (has schitzophrenia pretty bad) but a super sweet lady. Still a great week at church! Today has been a great P-day so far as well. Elder Skinner and I went and did some fishing this morning, we caught some super small bass haha but bass nonetheless, much better than the bluegill we caught last week, and then we had a zone bowling activity at the local bowling alley that everyone seemed to love. So life is good as always as a missionary! We have some good things planned for this week that hopefully go through so I can tell you guys about them next week! I hope you are all having great weeks as well and I will talk to you next week! Love and miss you all!

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