Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a crazy week! 6/4/13

It has been one crazy week here in Quantico with all the transfers happening, temporary companions and stuff. Needless to say I am exhausted! It was still such a great week though! Wednesday night we went to the Temple with the Giacomini family for the first time since they were baptized and they loved it! It was such a sweet experience. They are hoping to go back again as soon as they get the chance, such a cool family haha. Man Thursday was super sweet though because I got my new companion! He is Elder Skinner! Again! Haha the same Elder Skinner I was companions with for 3 months back in Centreville! Now we are companions again here in Quantico as Zone leaders together, so cool! This is his first transfer being a zone leader too so I get to train him on everything, we are super stoked haha. Transfers were all sorts of crazy because of the amount of missionaries coming in compared to those going home. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it previously but we had only 7 missionaries go home and 37 come in. So that's 15 full new companionships coming in and 15 new areas that had to be opened up because of that haha. 2 of the new areas are in our zone so that was very hectic, they both went into completely new apartments that were totally unfurnished for the time being so it took quite a bit of time to get all of that settled in and sorted out haha. So now that puts us up to almost 30 missionaries in our zone! The missionary work is really exploding out here. So one of the problems with lots more missionaries though is finding time to email haha. We have 6 companionships living in our apartment complex where only 1 companionship at a time can email. We each email for a little more than an hour and we have a total of 8 hours of P-day every Monday. so if all 6 companionships want to email it has to work out completely perfect haha. That's why we had to push our emailing to today. We came home to email and there was a line of 6 missionaries and a few lifeguards waiting for their turn on the computers haha. So we just ended our P-day early and moved our emailing time to today. It is going to be so good getting to go back to just doing missionary work this upcmoing week! I've had my fill of meetings this past week and I'm ready to just get back into the routine of working hard teaching the Gospel haha. Even with all the hecticness though it was still a great week! It always is as a missionary! Well we've got to get running! I love and miss all of you though and I will talk to you next Monday!

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