Thursday, June 27, 2013

My last week in DC South! 6/24 email

It sure has been a crazy week here! Lots of meetings and administrative things getting ready for the mission split this Thursday! Really makes it feel like a less than productive week haha. It was still a great one! As of this upcoming Thursday though we will be in the Richmond VA mission, which will multiply the size of our mission boundaries like 4 times haha lots of new ground to cover there. So as far as meetings went this past week though we had: Tuesday- district meetings, Wednesday- drive a missionary up to the mission home for a meeting, Thursday- Zone conference, Friday- open for teaching (awesome!), Saturday- some super sweet service, and then Sunday we had church, ward council, and then the missionary broadcast (which was also awesome). So a busy week for sure! Going down the list though, zone conference on thursday was sweet. Those are always such awesome pump up meetings but man am I glad when they're over with because we have to give a presentation of some sort every time haha. We talked about how we (and those we teach) can recieve revelation and answers to prayers while at church and how church attendance is one of the mediums which the lord uses to give us revelation. It went really well :) Man the service we did on Saturday was awesome though! It was for a lady in the spanish ward who according to the spanish Elder's description needed "a small jungle" cut down in her backyard, they were so right haha. We got there and there was bamboo forest higher than her two story house haha so they passed us 2 machete's, a hatchet, and a lawn mower and had the 6 of us go to town, it was sweet! The bamboo was super strong if you tried to break it by hand or with the hatchet but the machete's cut through them like butter haha it was way cool. We got about half the yard done so this Thursday we're heading back to finish it. I think even with all of that though my week's highlight was still Sunday night's missionary broadcast from church headquarters, it was incredible! It was like a mini-general conference about missionary work haha. We are stoked to get to do missionary work in some new ways over the next few months and excited to get to implement some new ways of member-missionary work as well. An awesome week all around! Today was a great p-day as well. We just got back from touring the pentagon with a guy who works there from one of the local wards here in our stake. It was sweet! He took us all throughout it and showed us a few of the conference rooms where they video conference from people all over the world and the place where the president speaks from when he speaks from the pentagon. It was an awesome tour, I never expected that all the cool stuff we saw was in the pentagon. He said that over 28,000 people work there every day and there are 70 miles of hallways in the building, how cool is that? Well we've got to get running to our first meeting of the night! I hope each of you have had a great week! I love and miss you all lots!

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