Thursday, June 27, 2013

What a Week! 6/18 email

It was a great week here in Quantico! We had some really great lessons with those we're teaching at the moment and had some luck finding new people to teach as well! It was a rainy week for sure though haha. Today especially. We had quite the P-day yesterday as well! We planned and got permission to go mountain biking at a pretty good size national park up outside the area. With it getting ready to be outside of our mission boundaries after the mission split next week and Elder Skinner being such an avid mountain biker we had to take the chance while we still were able to haha. It was a place called Fountain Head. Off of Fountain Head Park Road, which it turns out is a lot different than Fountain Head Rd haha. We punched Fountain Head Rd into our gps from the apartment yesterday morning and ended up going wayyyy past the actual park haha. Over twice the distance we needed to. So that killed us for time. Then we realized that we needed to stop by a bike shop still and get one of the bikes we were using fixed (we were supposed to stop on the way out from our apartment but forgot) so we had to make an extra drive over to the bike shop. Then we got headed the right direction to the REAL Fountain Head park and as soon as we got close it started pouring rain haha harder than I've seen in a long time. We had our windshield wipers on full speed and it still wasn't quite enough haha. So Elder Skinner was devastated at that point as were all four of us that went haha. But then we pulled into the park and it turns out there was just one weird patch of storms over the city and Fountain Head had been dry all day and stayed dry! So sweet! Blessing for sure haha. So we started riding and I found out really fast my bike was definitely not working the right way, but I wasn't sure what was wrong.So Elder Skinner looked at it and there was all sorts of thing messed up with it but mostly one of my cranks (the metal part that connects your pedal to the frame) was super loose so close to half my pedaling wasn't doing anything and it would just slip backwards haha super frustrating! But still very fun! We got a ways into it though and realized it was a lot larger loop than we had thought so we ended up taking lots of extra time there as well haha. So overall our p-day was spent attempting to mountain bike from 10:45 when we left until about 5 when we got back and at that point we just had to rush to our next appointment which was a ways away and started at 6:30, but we made it! We were both completely dead though haha. We still are for the most part too, it was exhausting! So we had to move our email time to during our lunch today haha. Long story but I figured I owed you all a reason for the day-late email haha.
We had stake conference this past Sunday and man was that the highlight of my week! Brother and Sister Giacomini (Lorenzo and Nicole) who were just baptized about a month back spoke and they did awesome! That's always a big day for a missionary when you get to see someone you taught give a talk in a meeting haha especially Stake conference, it was so cool. Also we started teaching a young man we used to visit again and he wants to be baptized! The first week in August we are helping him work towards. He wants to serve a mission a year from now and just really wants to put Christ into his life so he can turn things around for his family. Such an awesome kid. He is going to start coming out and teaching people with us on a regular basis as well. A great week all together! I've got to get running though so with the little time I have left I can email my parents and wish my Dad a happy father's day! I hope you all have had a great week too and all of the fathers had a happy fathers day! I love and miss each of you and I'll talk to you next week!

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