Monday, November 28, 2011

2 Thanksgiving dinners and 26 Homemade Pies!

Man this past week flew by! We had a good thanksgiving on Thursday though. We ate dinner with the Bean family and man they made a ton of food! They are a pretty big family in general plus they had three other families over plus us and our roomates so it was quite a big shindig. They made some really good food though. For some reason I got put in charge of carving the turkey though, even though I told them I'd never done that before and it sounded by their description like it was probably one of the most important things that happens in prep for a thanksgiving dinner haha. But they said I did pretty dang good at it so all is well haha. We got a whole bunch of left overs too so our fridge is super stuffed right now and that's a score for sure. We got pretty lucky and got invited to a second thanksgiving dinner on Friday night too haha. We ate with the Chandler family and it turns out they do thanksgiving on the day after thanksgiving every year so their kids don't have to fight with the inlaws and no matter what they can always be together for thanksgiving haha. They were really nice and it turns out their family is really big into pies. There was a total of 26 homemade pies brought by everyone! Man they were good too! They gave us 2 full pie tins of misc. pie pieces to take home too as well as a box of other stuff that was leftover from the dinner. We should be set for awhile haha. No baptism this weekend though so that was kind of a big bummer. Ulises ended up getting held up out of town with his family so he couldn't make it on Saturday. So it's going to be moved to this upcoming Saturday and he's still very excited for it so that's a score for sure haha. It's been a really nice week weather-wise though, it's been blue skies every day but I guess we should be hitting winter before too long everyone keeps telling us haha. I figured out how I should be able to send pictures back through email though but I just plugged in my camera to the computer and it ran out of batteries... so I guess I'll just have to send these ones in the mail today haha. It was good to hear everyone had good thanksgivings this past week though. I got some really great homemade stuff from my mom that was delicious haha. But some really great news from this past week is I talked to President Albright about Granny and Pa stopping by here on their way back from Russia and he said that they can! That's going to be awesome! He said we'll be able to talk about the details of it as it gets a little bit closer but I'll definitely get to see them! I can't wait for that haha.

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