Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 2 in the field!

Man its already my second P-Day out here in the field! I guess time goes by pretty fast when you're busy haha. Things are going well out here though. It is definitely getting a bit colder, that's for sure haha. Winter is on its way here. The good thing about the cold here though is its almost never windy so it doesn't feel super cold. Having the car has definitely been sweet for keeping the cold out though haha. Our investigators are doing great for the most part. We have been meeting with Ulysses and Martin throughout this past week and they are both progressing great! Mostly Ulysses though, we've been able to meet with him more than Martin and he really likes both of us. We talked with him for a bit about the restoration some more and we've begun teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and the Commandments a little bit and he's still really excited about everything. As part of my training I was supposed to take the lead on inviting investigators to be baptised and so I invited Ulysses this past Tuesday and he said yes! He's planning on being baptised on the 26th of this month and is really excited about it! We met with him later on that week and me and Elder Campbell beat him and his friend in a 2 on 2 basketball game pretty bad haha but after our game we asked if him and his friends would want to sit down with us for a quick lesson real fast and so he helped us teach the restoration to like 5 of his friends! It was really cool and they all asked good questions. Who knows how interested they really were about it haha but still they seemed to really think it was cool stuff. We met with him last night too and he's still really pumped about being baptised. He wants Elder Campbell to baptise him and he wants me to confirm him on the Sunday afterwards, should be awesome! I'm really excited to see the gospel help him out in his life. He's already been telling his friends to watch their language and stuff now so that's really sweet haha he tells everyone that he is a Mormon now hahaha. Things at the apartment are going good still. There are a total of four of us at the apartment and our roommates are really cool. One of them goes home at the end of this transfer and the other has been out about 9 months. We hang out and play cards at night before we head to bed and they are all really getting into some Up the Ladder that I just taught them how to play a couple of nights ago haha. We've also been playing some Texas hold em with monopoly money so that's been pretty fun too haha. I've been doing pretty good on food though and I've been getting pretty good at making stuff out of what we've got. We don't have a lot of member meals here but we get some from time to time. We have one tonight that should be pretty sweet, the family that we are eating with is really wealthy and supposedly have a very nice house so that should be cool. Something else that was pretty sweet was that I found out there's a family in our ward that is related to us haha. They are the Wise Family (pronounced like Wice) and brother Wise's Dad is Grandpa Carlyle's Cousin. I'm not really sure what that makes me to them though haha like second cousin twice removed maybe? I don't know though haha that's what Brother Wise is pretty sure it is though. They are a cool family. So far the ward seems to really like us though, we're trying to get them as involved as we can in the missionary work with things like referrals and bringing them with us to teach investigators. We also met a cool new family this week that should be considered investigators soon if we can ever find a time when they have time for a lesson haha. They are a young couple with a baby boy who is 9 months old. They both work though so they are almost never home but we've been able to talk with them quite a bit just on the doorstep a solid 4 times now. They really like us and are always pretty excited to see us haha. We ran into the Dad, named Scott, while he was out walking his dogs and he invited us over because he said he was interested in hearing more and his boss is a Mormon and they are really good friends. The catch was though is he said his wife calls all the shots in the house haha so he couldn't invite us over, she would have to be the one to let us in and he couldn't have any influence on it or he would get blamed if it wasn't something she wanted to do haha. So he told us to stop by his house and act like we'd never met him and he would have his wife answer the door and we'd see if she would let us in haha. Well we stopped by and his wife was just as cool and receptive as he was haha. Her name is Rachel and their son is Dean (named after Dean Martin who I guess was their family friend on the wifes side haha). They are a really cool family though and we're really hoping we can get a chance to teach them about the Gospel. But I did get the address for our apartment so you guys can send stuff directly there so it will get there a little faster now hahahaha. But our address for the apartment is: Dangit! I left it at the apartment!!!!!! I brought the letters I've gotten so far so I could just take the address off that but I forgot they put it on the envelope not the letters themselves... Man I feel really dumb messing that up, that kinda makes sense haha. I'll definitely bring it with next week and I'll be sending some letters home soon so I'll have the address in that too so it can get passed around from there haha. Thanks for all of your guyses support!!

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