Friday, November 11, 2011

Virginia is great!

Things are going great here in Virginia.  I'm not sure why we are called the DC South Mission, there literally isn't any part of DC in our mission.  All of DC is north of the Potomac, so really we should be the Virginia North Mission haha. But I really like it here, the area is beautiful, the trees are loosing there leaves so we've had some good service opportunities to help people rake those up haha.  The people here generally seem pretty nice too, very professional. Most of the people(probably a solid 80-90%) work for the government so they can't talk about who they work with or what they do, but the people who can tell us stuff are usually really big wig corporate people that make tons of money.  Our dinner appointment tonight was definitely one of those haha. The dad is one of the head chemical engineers at Exxon Mobile and the mom is a very accomplished prosecutor.  Very rich area we are in for the most part haha.
I haven't gotten either of the two packages mom asked about quite yet but I'm sure they'll be here soon haha.  I did get the Halloween one though, its sitting on my desk now with a good bit of candy in it still haha.  We put everything together in there so we can just grab stuff out and munch haha it's been great.
PS- The return address on this is my direct apartment address. Feel free to fedex and UPS stuff to us here. And letters can come here faster too. 7312 Dartford Dr, Apt 3, McLean, VA 22102
PSS- Something sweet I found out is we are allowed to fish on Pday and with investigators here! Score for sure haha I'm pretty pumped for that.

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