Monday, November 21, 2011

Man it is getting pretty cold here!

Man it is getting pretty cold here! We never get to see any sort of a weather report so I'm not sure how  cold it is haha but it sure feels cold. Last P-day went really sweet, I got to go golfing with a couple of guys from our zone and man it was awesome! We found a nice golf course near by that was only 17 bucks for a round so we went and did a round of 9 holes. It was really sweet, we did a 2 man best ball and we lost by two strokes but I did pretty dang good. The guys I was playing with all played on the golf teams at their high schools back home and I still did just as good as them if not a little better than some haha so that was sweet. For our exercise in the morning our zone has been meeting at the stake center for basketball at 6 AM (we work out in the morning from 6:30 to 7 usually) so I've been getting a little better at some basketball but man I'm still not good at all haha. We did that 2 or 3 times this past week, including this morning. Ulises is still planning on getting baptised this weekend and man he's excited haha. We had a bishops youth fireside on missionary work last night at the bishops house and they asked us to be there so we made sure Ulises got a ride and he really liked it. He gave his conversion story at the end too and talked about all the stuff he's learned about the gospel and how good he feels when he goes to our church, it was really cool. I've been taking some good pictures of the apartment and stuff and I should be able to send an SD card back soon so you guys can see the area around here. I picked up a pretty sweet V-neck sweater from Burlington last P-day that everybody keeps telling me looks good haha, guess I'm a sweater kind of guy. I went on my first exchange this week too, with a guy named Elder Calvert and man me and him got along great. It was a sweet experience, we mostly just did service all day though. We defrosted a crazy lady's back yard last week and so me and him wen t and put the finishing touches on it. I also had return and report this week so I got to see all of my MTC friends again, everybody is still doing great and man it was cool getting to see them. We started teaching a couple of new families this week, both of them are Latino and they really like us alot. One of them has almost read the entire teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith book in Spanish and that's what made her want to talk to us. She believes that he was a Prophet of God and saw God and Jesus Christ. From a missionary stand point that is an amazing foundation for someone that hasn't been formally taught yet. So we're really excited to be able to teach her more about how the knowledge she already has about Joseph Smith can bless her and her family and teach her more about the church in general. Thanks to everyone for your emails! Thanks to my family for the Scentsy package too, our room smells a ton better now haha. It's been a good week though and I'm looking forward to another good one coming up haha. I miss all of you guys.

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