Monday, November 28, 2011

Email from last week to Mom

Mom-Thanks for the email and the Scentsy! My roomates are really enjoying having some sweet scents going in the apartment haha. Man those cupcakes are an interesting combination haha how did they taste? I'm a little nervous about Thanksgiving this week though, we're eating with this family in our ward that is just all sorts of crazy, their family is huge haha and they have invited like 10 other people over for dinner including us so it should be interesting haha. I'm sure we'll have some good food though. We do have a washer and dryer in our apartment though so that's really nice. They are both in our kitchen haha and the washer has to be hooked up to the sink to work, I've never seen anything like that before haha. Things are going good here though. I only could buy one sweater at Burlington last week because we had a mid P-day appointment that a lady wanted us to go visit with her and Mondays are her only open day so we only were at Burlington for like 10 minutes haha, we're going back today though. I'm doing well on money though, I don't think I've had to use my bank card from home for hardly anything, I'm doing a pretty good job of budgeting on the money they give us every month haha. Ramen noodles are nice and cheap haha. Thanks for all the emails though it's always great to hear from you guys :) I love and miss you guys alot :) Thanks for everything you do for me mom :)

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