Monday, November 14, 2011

Things are going good in McLean

Things are going good here in McLean, we are still having quite a bit of success teaching which is great. We had veterans day come and go before we even knew it was veterans day haha. Holidays out here are just like any other day so unless other people celebrate quite a bit we really don't know the difference haha and there was hardly any if any celebrating going on for veterans day here. Which was pretty surprising considering how many people here work with the military in one way or another, I really thought people would at least be putting up flags or something but it really looked just like another day here in northern VA. We had our first zone conference this past Saturday and I was assigned a talk to open up the meeting. I spoke about our purpose as missionaries and man was I nervous haha I really felt like they could have asked someone a bit more qualified for that topic but it still went pretty good. Things are still going great with Ulises (found out how to spell his name yesterday at church haha) and Martin. They are both coming with us to church weekly and we have some sort of contact with them every day, even if it's just stopping by and saying hey. They both really want to be baptised and Ulises is really excited about his baptism coming up on the 26th. Martin wants to be baptised as well but his parents wont let him because he was already baptised Catholic. We would like to explain about the importance of the priesthood and full submersion in baptisms but his parents speak very little English and whenever we try to talk with them even about not church stuff, like just asking them how their day was and stuff Martin's mom, Marta, just turns to Martin and says "Martin, Too mas ingles, hablas por favor" Which translates to "Martin, too much English, speak to them please" hahaha so we haven't been able to talk to them much. We showed Ulises and Martin the baptismal font on Sunday though so they could know what it looks like and stuff and they both were really excited about it haha. It's been amazing seeing the faith of these two guys, especially Ulises, as we've been teaching them. Ulises is committed to living the Word of Wisdom even though he loves coffee and is committed to living the law of chastity too, which as missionaries are the two hardest things to teach people the importance of because the rest of the world doesn't really believe the same things we do about stuff like that haha so that's awesome. We had dinner with them at this crazy members house who has a reputation of ruining missionaries investigators because she just says whatever is on her mind, true or not, and tells them it's what the church believes haha so we were really praying she wouldn't say anything to shake these guyses testimonies haha but it went well. On the way back to their house Martin taught me to Ollie on a skateboard so that was really cool haha, he was just as pumped as I was when I landed it for the first time haha, he was pretty impressed I could do it in church shoes haha. Skateboarding is a lot of fun though, I might have to start taking that up as a P-Day activity hahaha. I got some packages from my parents and Shellie this week so that was awesome. I'll be having some chips and salsa tonight when we play some cards haha. I also got a card from Michelle and Dane's family that was really nice too. Things are cooling down here now so I'll be heading to target today to buy me some winter clothes to keep me warm haha. I've got that gynormous winter jacket from the missionary mall but I'm noticing I've got nothing in between just normal clothes and heavy winter clothes haha so I need to pick up some sweaters and gloves haha. Thank you to everyone for all of your support and all of your emails.
Hey Mom,
Thanks for the packages!!! They were just what I needed haha. I just had me some pasta roni last night for dinner and man it hit the spot! Thanks for the SD card too, I really needed one of those so I can take some pictures of our apartment and stuff. I'll be able to send the card home when I get that other one in the mail so you guys can see it. It's a pretty nice place. I just checked and these computers don't have and spot for the card to go in so I can't really email any pictures back :/ I'm glad to hear everything is going well back home. As I've been out here I'm really realising the great lessons you've taught me about having a clean house and picking up stuff that's just sitting around haha. Our apartment has gotten a heck of alot cleaner since I've been here believe it or not haha. That's great you put one of my letters in the ward newsletter, I'm glad everyone liked it haha. Sweet job on winning the $20 gift card at Bunco too haha that's awesome. Thanks for everything you've done for me mom, your guys support means the world to me. I'm so glad you guys have helped me to learn how to do some things on my own because if it wasn't for that I'd be done for out here haha. I love you and miss you guys alot, but I know I'm where the Lord needs me. Can't wait to hear from you guys again!

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